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LanCruiser is open-source, GNU GPL software designed to ease file exchange of people in networks that use Windows Sharing (known as workgroups, domains, network neighbourhoods), without forcing all network members to use custom software, but giving those who do use LanCruiser a very convenient way to search and download shared files. It consists of two parts - Client and Scanner.

Client gives users ability to search, browse, and download multiple files in a fast and reliable way. It also allows user to view files downloaded from his/her computer, and gives him/her some control over Windows sharing server.

Scanner is a software gathering info about shared files. It crawles through every computer in network, and stores file infos in database server, which is then used by clients to search for files.

LanCruiser is partially based on NetCopy, GPL software (c) 2001-2002 by em @ stv3. It was initially developed for students' LAN at SDaJLS Mlynska Dolina, students' dormitories of Faculty of Mathemathics, Physics and Informatics of Comenius University in Bratislava, capital of Slovakia, small country in the middle of Europe. It's implemented in Borland C++ Builder 6 Professional/Enterprise, it requires Indy, and included free TRegExpE and TShellCommandInterface components. Any suggestions, bug reports and code submissions are highly appreciated.


  • Client
    - easy-to-use, drag'n'drop enabled, integrated into explorer's context menus
    - schedulable, multithreaded, fast and reliable download
    - search based on various criterias
    - viewing and control over files being downloaded by other users
  • Scanner
    - fast
    - multithreaded
    - database enabled


Windows 2000, XP and later. Could work under Windows NT (untested). Scanner requires MySQL database (v3.23 and later) for info storage.